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Palliative Care for Seniors with Serious Illness

Being diagnosed with a serious or terminal disease is depressing not only for the patient but also for their families. Symptoms of the disease make it harder and even more difficult for them to handle—especially for senior patients. Some elderly patients even require home care in Regina, Saskatchewan in order to improve their quality of … Continue reading

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Motivating Seniors to Exercise

Exercise will always be beneficial for people of all ages especially seniors. Encouraging them to exercise is part of the home care services that we offer. The following are some of our tips to help you motivate your senior loved ones into exercising: Join them. Anyone would love to have someone to exercise with. It’s … Continue reading

All About Your Immune System

The immune system is a very important part of our body, especially for seniors. Doing good personal care habits will help the function of your immune system to fight against harmful viruses and bacteria. As you grow older, your immune system weakens and so do your other organs and parts of your body. When your … Continue reading

The New Mom: Effective Ways to Get More Rest

Being on gestating life for nine-months is no easy feat, all the more becoming a mother. As expected, moms will face overwhelming tasks of raising their newborn and hoping to get every decision right. Aside from that, every new parent learns that babies have different time clocks than adults. You surely will not get a … Continue reading

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