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Getting the Most Out of In-Home Care

As a loving family member, you want to see your family getting the best in life. However, age can catch up with our good intentions. Sadly, we may see our senior parents or loved ones slowing down and requiring additional care. There are different options you can take for your loved ones. One option is … Continue reading

Choosing the right Supplements Provides you with Greater Benefits

Most of us are being very proactive with our health by taking supplements. And this is very important especially for our older adults who rely so much on supplements to meet their daily mineral and vitamin requirements. In addition, we can get all the minerals from our food, but it is never enough. Most of … Continue reading

Living Arrangements for Seniors

Aging is a natural way of life. When you or your parents get older, you will eventually need help from others. It will become difficult to handle daily tasks and errands. When this time comes, you should be ready. As a non-medical home care agency in Canada, we have provided you with a list of … Continue reading

Why Seniors Should Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

For many seniors, maintaining good personal hygiene can be difficult. In old age, the decline in mobility affects their capabilities to do things. This leads them to neglect their personal hygiene. But, maintaining good personal hygiene is still important even in old age. It helps lessen the chances of complications and infections in seniors. It … Continue reading