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Meal-Time Tips: Handling Picky Seniors

Meal-Time Tips: Handling Picky Seniors

Getting your seniors to eat a balanced diet can be a major source of frustration for family caregivers. In fact, getting an elderly loved one to eat anything at all is an entire endeavor in and of itself. Even seasoned caregivers here at Reassurance Home Care Services occasionally get a hard time convincing a patient to eat their meals.

There are many reasons why your senior’s eating habits have changed. These can include a weakened sense of taste and smell, side effects of their medication, difficulty with chewing and swallowing, depression, or a reluctance to dine alone.

If your loved one has difficulty in chewing and swallowing, our home care services are the best solutions to help lift some of the burdens. Our aides can drop by your home and help your loved one when eating their meals and taking their medicines.

Another great way to ensure that your loved one is eating is to have nutritious, ready-to-eat meals at the ready. Along with the help of our non-medical home care agency in Canada, you won’t have to sacrifice your other responsibilities just to make sure your loved one is fed.

It can be hard to care for your loved ones alone, this is why our senior care in Saskatchewan, Canada, is your best bet at giving your seniors the life they deserve.

Need to know more about our home care in Regina, Saskatchewan? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Just dial 306-351-0840 to get in touch.

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