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The New Mom: Effective Ways to Get More Rest

The New Mom: Effective Ways to Get More Rest

Being on gestating life for nine-months is no easy feat, all the more becoming a mother. As expected, moms will face overwhelming tasks of raising their newborn and hoping to get every decision right.

Aside from that, every new parent learns that babies have different time clocks than adults. You surely will not get a solid 8 hours of sleep for several months as newborns wake up every 3 hours. Feeding, changing diapers, and comforting them in the middle of the night can be exhaustive for both parents. That is why moms in some ways should also rest and take good care of themselves to rebuild their strength, especially in the first few weeks after birth.

Hence, Reassurance Home Care Services, your trusted non-medical home care agency in Canada, lists 5 ways on how moms can get more rest while taking care of their newborns.

  1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. This may be only a few minutes of rest in a day, but these power naps can help regain your strength.
  2. Save steps and time. Have your baby’s bed near yours for feeding at night.
  3. In the first weeks, it is best to seek respite care or assistance in taking care of other responsibilities other than feeding your baby and taking care of yourself.
  4. It is nice to have friends and family visit you, but don’t feel that you need to entertain guests. Feel free to excuse yourself for a nap or feed your baby.
  5. Home care in Regina, Saskatchewan recommends getting outside a few minutes each day. Start walking and doing postpartum exercises as advised by your healthcare provider.

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