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Reasons to Know When You Are In Need of Home Care

When Do You Need Home Care?

At some point, our elderly loved ones may need extra care from us or a professional. But how do we know that it’s time? We made a list of some of the most obvious indicators.

  • Accidents
    You might notice them getting into a lot of accidents lately like tripping around the house. They might just suddenly drop the glass in their hands. They might also hit a curb while driving. These are huge red flags that you should look into.
  • Poor Personal Hygiene
    Neglecting one’s hygiene can be another clear symptom. They may start to re-wear used clothes or tend to not take a bath every day. They may not brush their teeth and hair anymore and neglect their open wounds or cuts.
  • Eating Habits
    Weight gain or weight loss is also one warning sign that they need support. You would notice them lose appetite or have an increase an eating habit. They would sometimes just completely miss their meals altogether.

If you have noticed these signs, you might want to start looking for home care services. It will definitely be a great way to help our loved ones get the care they need.

There will surely be a non-medical home care agency in Canada for you. Just be sure to check their services out before settling on a company to know which would benefit you better.

The best home care in Regina, Saskatchewan is Reassurance Home Care Services. We take pride in the quality service that we give.

We provide senior care in Saskatchewan, Canada for the families that need extra support.

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