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All About Your Immune System

The immune system is a very important part of our body, especially for seniors. Doing good personal care habits will help the function of your immune system to fight against harmful viruses and bacteria. As you grow older, your immune system weakens and so do your other organs and parts of your body. When your … Continue reading

The New Mom: Effective Ways to Get More Rest

Being on gestating life for nine-months is no easy feat, all the more becoming a mother. As expected, moms will face overwhelming tasks of raising their newborn and hoping to get every decision right. Aside from that, every new parent learns that babies have different time clocks than adults. You surely will not get a … Continue reading

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Diet and Exercise for Seniors: What Do These Offer?

Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet are great ways to stay in shape and to stay healthy. Most people think that when you grow older, it is not a great idea to exercise because your body is already weak. Well, the truth is…they are wrong! In fact, losing weight and staying in a healthy shape … Continue reading

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Eating Habits for Seniors to Stay Healthy

Truth be told, everything about us weakens as we grow older—which includes our metabolism and immune system—making us more prone to illnesses. However, there are ways to stay healthy despite these facts. And as a provider of senior care in Saskatchewan, Canada, we have made a list to help you out. Always drink lots of … Continue reading