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Reasons to Know When You Are In Need of Home Care

At some point, our elderly loved ones may need extra care from us or a professional. But how do we know that it’s time? We made a list of some of the most obvious indicators. Accidents You might notice them getting into a lot of accidents lately like tripping around the house. They might just … Continue reading

Why Seniors Should Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

For many seniors, maintaining good personal hygiene can be difficult. In old age, the decline in mobility affects their capabilities to do things. This leads them to neglect their personal hygiene. But, maintaining good personal hygiene is still important even in old age. It helps lessen the chances of complications and infections in seniors. It … Continue reading

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Loneliness and Isolation and the effect on Seniors Health in Canada

Loneliness in seniors can cause early death as often as alcoholism, obesity, and heavy smoking. Canadian Census data showed that about one-quarter (24.6%) of the population aged 65 and over now live alone. Consider these facts from the Administration on Aging: People over 65 have an average life expectancy of almost 20 more years, which … Continue reading

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4 Benefits of In-Home Senior Care

4 Benefits of In-Home Senior Care For many baby boomers, watching parents age can be a source of sadness. As moms and dads slow down, their needs increase, leaving families with very difficult decisions to make. In the beginning, family members might question things about their parents’ ability to take medication correctly, plan and prepare … Continue reading

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